Confessions of A… Mother.

From Bed to Bus Stop in 5 steps or less…

It’s September again! The kids are going back to school and guess what that means; early mornings, bus stops, car rider lines, packing lunches and so on. I know that as a mother of three crazy kids it is almost a miracle when we are all out of the house on time! To be completely dressed and presentable is almost something unheard of!

I got these from Amazon! Size XL

Step 1

You have to stop going to bed looking like Ron Weasley’s mother. Start sleeping in cute, but appropriate pajamas! That way you can use the top to run out the door in the morning! I am not saying that fluffy robes and slippers are not great, I am also not saying you cant wear your favorite tee with more holes than fabric. But if your daughter forgets her backpack in the back seat do you really want to go in the office with it on?

I got these from Target! Size XL

Step 2

You should start doing something with your hair before bed that makes your hair a breeze in the morning. Braids are great because you can sleep in them, and just go in the am or you can take them out and look like you spent time trying to create “beachy” hair!

Step 3

Add accessories, I know that might sound crazy and your thinking Chrissy this is supposed to be five easy steps, Hear me out. Get a Headband they are super cute! Get one that goes with everything. It helps with step two and makes you look so much more put together!

Step 4

Add a cardigan, it really helps with making you look like you really tried. Make sure you pic a color that goes with everything. Grey, Black, off white are awesome. To add they are comfy, a lot of them have pockets, and they help keep you warm on the brisk fall mornings. Aerie is awesome for them. Old Navy always has them in every color. Target and Walmart will have them as well. So just add it to your grocery list.

Step 5

Put on pants! It can be your go to black leggings or your favorite jeans but change out of your pj pants! Even if you sleep in a tank when you add these 5 steps you look awesome!

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