Confessions of A… Woman

Putting it all out there.

If I am being completely honest I am a woman first. Everything else is really secondary. I have been through a lot in my first 30 years.

Some things that have really defined me as a person would have to be
-coming from a split home
-being sexually assaulted
-becoming a mother
-being a military wife
-suffering a loss of a child
-Having postpartum depression
-Being a LDS member
-My thyroid issues

Really it is not all bad it just “is” but lately with all that has happened I truly am building a different way of thinking.

I so badly wanted to share these pictures after I did them. For so many reasons. They are beautiful to start. I was really proud of the work i put into the shoot and well it came together. I am truly proud of my body and everything it has done for. I have three beautiful babies and I have earned every imperfection.

At times I can destroy myself with how cruel I can be. I am trying to change how I see myself, and I would love for other women to see themselves as the beautiful being they are.

With that being said though, these pictures can be seen as inappropriate, and I truly go back and forth about what it means if I do, and what it means if I don’t!

I always want to please people and my Heavenly Father and I have been afraid of the lack of approval if I do. But at the end of the day I am a sinner and I think Jesus Christ still loves me.

Love me or Hate me
Chrissy Jay

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